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Airbnb And Short Term Rentals

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Airbnb And Short Term Rentals Are Quickly Becoming The New "CRAVE"

For LandLords To Rent Their Properties! Get A Paraglegal's Perspective

On How To Run These Rentals More Effectively And Efficiently

Landlord and tenant relations and disputes can be a challenging and murky area of the law in the best of times, and shaky economic conditions only compound existing issues and tensions. Plan ahead to avoid problems before they start and arm yourself with the knowledge to own and operate the rental property. 


We are ready to help you work through the practical and legal roadblocks you face every day in the world of investing in rental property. 


You will benefit from this seminar if you are involved in any aspect of property rentals. 


What You'll Learn:

  • What is a short term rental and an Airbnb?

  • What is permitted in the operation of short term rentals?

  • Licensing and registration rules and regulations

  • Pro’s and con’s of short term rentals

  • What if a “guest” does not leave a short term rental?

  • Legalities of short term rentals

  • How to guard your property against tenants hosting short term rentals

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Who Is Bita Di Lisi?

With over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, this seminar will be held by Bita Di Lisi, real estate broker, property manager, and licensed paralegal. Bita has been selling and managing real estate with her husband, Robert, since 2004. Upon many challenges by adjudicators at the landlord and tenant board, Bita has obtained her paralegal license in order to legally represent her clients at the courts. She now helps landlords with tenant issues and evictions.

*This is not a basis of legal advice nor does it establish any sort of paralegal-client relationship. The information contained at the seminar is only for purposes of general information. It is recommended that you should not rely on or take any action based solely upon the information gathered at the seminar without the benefit of professional counsel. Furthermore, an exchange of emails with Stonegate Legal Services Professional Corporation or their employees does not create a paralegal-client relationship.