Landlord Mastery Guide

landlord mastery guide

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If You Own, Or Want To Own, Rental Properties,

You Need To Know How To Run It Like A Business!


With so many options to invest your money, any Canadians are choosing to invest their money in real estate. Whether it's because you recognize that real estate, in the GTA, keeps increasing in value or you attended some workshop where they told you that you can become rich with owning rental properties, this guide will help you become a better landlord. No matter if you're a new landlord or a seasoned investor, it's always great to follow a system that you can implement and build on. 

We didn't start off by offering legal services. Our journey started back in 2001 when we started as real estate brokers. Over the years of acquiring multi-residential properties for our clients who were out of town, we noticed that there was a shortage of property managers who understood the ins and outs of real estate. We decided to fill this need by starting a property management company. Over the years of managing properties, both for our investors/landlords and for ourselves, we were fortunate enough to get experience with dealing with tenants, renovating units, evicting non-paying tenants, and systematizing the process. With the inevitability of having to evict tenants who didn't pay their rent- meant that we had to go to the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) to assist our landlords to receive a favorable judgment. Unfortunately, many adjudicators (also known as "judges") would only allow landlords, paralegals, and lawyers to represent their clients. We decided to acquire our paralegal designation to further help, not only our landlords but other landlords, with the wealth of knowledge we have attained over the years.

After many years of managing, renovating, and dealing with tenants we decided to put together a guide that we can offer to landlords.

What Will You Learn:


- The six essential steps that you must implement to become a better landlord

Step by step guide from start to finish. Nothing left out!

- How to find, and qualify tenants to ensure minimal headaches

- All the documents you need to effectively run a landlord-tenant business

- Forms and agreements such as rent receipts, parking, snow removal, grass cutting agreements.


Lease agreement (Ontario standard lease) 

- Landlord and tenant forms (LTB) 

- Lifetime access to our google drive that we update regularly


and... much more!

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landlord mastery guide

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DISCLAIMER:  This is not a basis for legal advice nor does it establish any sort of paralegal-client relationship. The information contained in this guide is for the purpose of general information. It is recommended that you should not rely on or take any action based solely upon the information gathered in this guide without the benefit of professional counsel. Furthermore, an exchange of emails and/or phone calls with Stonegate Legal Services Professional Corporation or their employees does not create a paralegal-client relationship.