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With so many investment options, it seems that residential real estate has become one of the most popular. With the cost of homes ever increasing, it’s no wonder why so many investors line up for hours, and sometimes days, to purchase a new pre-construction homes and condos to rent out.


There are many “Real Estate Gurus” and T.V. personalities promising riches and fortunes if you follow their systems and purchase residential real estate. The mistakes that we often see, especially with new investors is the lack of education and knowledge of what is involved in owning, managing and maintaining a rental property. The most important part that these “Real Estate Gurus” and T.V. personalities neglect to mention is that it inevitable that you WILL end up in court or at the board for one of your tenants.


Late payment of rent, non payment of rent, evictions and filing appropriate paper work should be in every investors vocabulary to fully appreciate the real estate rental business.


When dealing with rental properties it’s extremely important to understand that you are in the Real Estate Business, and you must treat it as a business. Owning real estate as an investment is NOT a hands-off endeavor. You must be diligent with your investment and be on top of matter before it gets out of hand.


To succeed in the real estate investment business, it’s important to form a team of professionals who can help you when things get difficult.


At Stonegate Legal Services, we have over 22 years of real estate experience offering landlord legal services, knowledge and expertise of dealing with the landlord and tenant board… and we are also landlords.


We understand the frustrations involved in owning and operating rental properties.


We have helped hundreds of landlords with legal services, systematize their business, and gain knowledge about the landlord and tenant board.


Unlike other paralegals, who do a multitude of things, we focus on ONE thing and that is landlord and tenant matters. We understand every aspect of a transaction starting from the purchase and sale, lease contracts and evictions of a “tenant from hell”.


The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) and the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) can be very complex to navigate. The RTA applies to ALL landlord and tenants in Ontario and includes all types of rental housing, ranging from high rise apartments to single family homes. You can fill out the landlord tenant board forms yourself which can be more cost effective or you can hire a paralegal for landlord and tenant matters who has the experience and expertise of handling similar situations. 


At Stonegate Legal Services, we understand that a tenant who doesn't pay rent can cost the landlord thousands in lost rental revenue.


We also understand that legal fees can rack up easily and can get very costly. That is why we offer affordable legal fee's that get results. 


Our areas of representation include: 

* Non-Payment of Rent 

* Evictions 

* Termination of Tenancy 

* Late Rent Payments 

* Illegal Acts

* Damages to the Property 

* Rent Arrears 

* Rent Increases 

* Incomplete Maintenance and Repairs

* Disturbances 

* Late Payment of Rents

* Demand Letters

* ...... and More! 


Although we respect the fact that we are not for everyone, we strongly recommend that you interview more than one legal professional before you decide on one to deal with your matter.


We also understand that many people rather try it themselves to save money, however with the long time frames to get a hearing date, filling out the appropriate paper work correctly, we have seen many landlords do these things incorrectly and have to start the process all over again.


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