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When there’s a problem involving money but attempts at amicable resolution fail, it’s time to take things to court. The Small Claims Court is a place for people to have their cases heard without spending big money on lawyers.


The procedure is simplified and the lawsuit resolution is speedy. Fees are lower but the amount awarded is capped at $35,000 CAD.

What Can I sue for?

Anything regarding money or damages!


In small claims, court matters are pursued pertaining to personal debt- such as loans, security deposits, rent, as well as, contracts, invoices, disputes, and damages claims.


You can try your luck on any number of legal bases but the two guaranteed to work are money owed and damages.


The paralegals at Stonegate Legal Services provide legal representation in small claims court cases.

Who Can I Sue?

You can sue any who owes you money or has caused you to suffer any damages.

Am I a Bad Person If I Sue Someone?

In an ideal world, we would all resolve our disputes amicably and without going to court and good people wouldn’t have to argue about anything. Reality is the opposite.


The patient, the kind, the quiet, the charitable—they all get preyed upon by unscrupulous people who see them as weak and want to exploit them.


Sick and tired of drama? It’s time for a small claims court. Whatever the claim, it will be resolved in a calm, civilized and friendly manner. You will finally get the respect and the peace of mind you deserve.


Don’t argue with stubborn, unscrupulous people who owe you money or damages; take them to the small claims court, present your case, get your money back, and carry on with your life.


If possible, let someone who specializes in dealing with such people speak on your behalf. You can then just sit back and soak it all in.


There’s a lot of emotional satisfaction in winning a small claims court case against someone who’s been exploiting you.


Most often, the good people won’t assert themselves even when they’re right and will rather yield to “maintain the peace in the house”, only to get bullied and exploited even harder. It’s in court that you’ll finally get to see the judge telling the bully to sit down and stay quiet.


The court puts everything, including bullies, in its rightful place, and that feeling of justice is extremely satisfying.

Do I need a Lawyer?

No! You can represent yourself in a small claims court but you’ll quickly realize how easy it is to sabotage your case by accident. One wrong word and your case can be thrown out or the amount awarded to you is cut in half.


If your paperwork is messy or you lose your temper, you can immediately lose the case and all that effort you put in was for nothing. The feeling of going through all that trouble but having done nothing can be nerve-wracking.

How Do I Win in Court?

By presenting a compelling case.


It takes a lot of effort to actually provide enough evidence to prove something in a small claims court, especially if the defendant denies it. Unless you have an eye for legal nuance, you’ll likely slip up somewhere.


Those slip-ups can be painful, whether you’re suing someone or are being sued in a small claims court. That’s exactly why lawyers and law offices specialize in certain areas.


If you’d still like to represent yourself in a small claims court, the full procedure for both plaintiffs and defendants are found on the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General’s website. As a plaintiff, you have a short time period after the event to file your claim or it’s forfeit.


The defendant has 20 days to respond, failing which the plaintiff automatically wins.


Whether you’re suing or being sued, expert legal advice saves you time, money, and nerves. If you have a friend or family member who practices law, definitely ask them for advice. If not, Stonegate Legal Services is here for you!


Please, avoid anonymous legal advice found on the internet.


Most “experts” out there dishing out advice about these matters have no legal background. It’s always safe to get a true professional to handle your cases for you.


Stonegate Legal Services is here with one mission - to advocate on your behalf and defend your claim!


If you have a lawsuit, it’s easy to go into panic mode and not do anything about it. Unfortunately, it’ll go on without you and cost you thousands of dollars down the line.


That’s why we’re here for you in times like this.


Get in touch with us, tell us a dispute you’ve been having and we’ll find a way to resolve it through a small claims court. We will find a legal ground for your claim, sort out your paperwork, and put in the effort to gather and present evidence. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy justice being done.


We know all the right words to get you your money back, including damages where applicable and our fees. We deal with stubborn, unscrupulous people all the time, their mean words don’t affect us at all and we don’t lose our temper.


We know all the legal nuances of the small claims court, especially in landlord and tenant matters, and can defend you from unreasonable claims as well.


It’s time to bring peace to your house by taking all the disputes out of it and into the small claims court, where everything will be put in its rightful place.


It’s time to bring peace to your house by taking all the disputes out of it and into the small claims court, where everything will be put in its rightful place.

* To acquire any monies owed to you under a contractual agreement

* Real estate deposit disputes

* Latent property defects with respect to real estate 

* Retrieve goods that you believe belong to you

* Slip and fall claims 

* Renovation disputes and unpaid invoices 

* Breach of contract disputes

* Collection of unpaid accounts



Not only will we advocate on your behalf, but we will also defend claims. Lawsuits should not be ignored; the case will simply go on without you and may cost you thousands in costs and legal fees if left without a reply or it can result in an automatic admittance of guilt.