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The Small Claims Court hears matters where the total amount being claimed is no greater then $25,000 (CAD). Interest and costs such as court fees and legal representation fees are in addition to this amount. 


The following are some of the reasons WHY you can take someone to Small Claims Court: 

* To acquire any monies owed to you under a contractual agreement

* Real estate deposit disputes

* Latent property defects with respect to real estate 

* Retrieve goods that you believe belong to you

* Slip and fall claims 

* Renovation disputes and unpaid invoices 

* Breach of contract disputes

* Collection of unpaid accounts



Not only will we advocate on your behalf, but we will also defend claims. Lawsuits should not be ignored; the case will simply go on without you and may cost you thousands in costs and legal fees if left without a reply or it can result in an automatic admittance of guilt. 


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